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Recent News Reports of Elder Abuse Overlook Epidemic

Per The NYC Elder Abuse Center:

"News reports about individual elder abuse cases miss the proverbial forest for the trees when these stories are not framed within the context of a national elder abuse epidemic. This blog features three examples of elder abuse stories recently printed in elite newspapers, identifies the types of elder abuse present in each one and explores why it is important for the media to discuss elder abuse cases within the context of an elder abuse epidemic.

"One story featured in The Wall Street Journal entitled, Astor’s Son Loses Appeal in Fraud Case, reports on renowned philanthropist Brooke Astor’s son, who financially exploited and neglected her, losing his recent fraud conviction appeal. The second piece, a story from The New York Times entitled, Payment for Act of Kindness: 2 Days in Car Trunk at Age 89, features the horrific account of Margaret E. Smith, described as “the backbone dot in the center of Delaware,” being kidnapped, physically abused and robbed by two teenagers. A third case, reported on in the Chicago Tribune, entitled Nursing Assistant Charged with Taking $350K from Client’s Estate, illustrates a case of a longtime nursing assistant who befriended 90-year-old retired city engineer, Marshall Davies, offered to be his “round-the-clock caregiver” and then financially exploited him."


"For every one case of self-reported elder abuse in the New York State Elder Abuse Prevalence Study, 24 cases went unreported.

"Ms. Astor, Mr. Davies and Ms. Smith are not alone in experiencing elder abuse. Research suggests that one in ten older adults are victims of abuse. A 2010 New York State Prevalence Study found that a staggering numbers of older New Yorkers – 260,000 each year – confront abuse, neglect and exploitation. With 1 in 24 older New Yorkers not being known to any system, it is clear that many elder abuse victims suffer in silence. (For more information, see New York State Elder Abuse Prevalence Study.)"

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